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In today’s highly interconnected world accurate position, navigation, and timing (PNT) is an absolute necessity for many critical infrastructure industries. These space-based signals are very low in power and unencrypted making them susceptible to jamming disruptions. infiniDome delivers anti jamming solutions to protect the PNT information that GPS (GNSS) receivers process from unintentional disruptions in our increasingly crowded frequency spectrum as well as intentional jamming often associated with criminal activities.

infiniDome’s patented Phased-Array Anti-Jamming technology protects GPS (GNSS) receivers from jamming and other forms of interference easily and cost-effectively. To address the vulnerabilities of PNT, infiniDome provides the industry’s only non-ITAR mil spec’d anti-jamming solutions ranging from our OEM Board-level solution to the dual-use GPSdome and commercial OtoSphere

enclosed product lines. These products all share our proprietary enhanced filtering algorithm and technology that combines patterns from two omni-directional antennas, in real-time to create a new pattern which attenuates the strong jamming signal. infiniDome products analyze interference signals and feed their properties into our proprietary algorithm where they are attenuated and filtered while precisely targeting a null in the direction of the attacking signals. infiniDome dramatically improves situational awareness of the operator and/or operations center providing immediate detection/alerting of jamming interference. This is all executed in real-time within a tiny module that has minimal impact on the payload and mission times.

When infiniDome’s CommModule is combined with GPSdome, OtoSphere or OEM Board products, the alert is also sent over a cellular data link to our proprietary infiniCloud, infiniDome’s GPS Security Cloud. infiniCloud is a SaaS solution that provides access to real-time and statistical data on GPS jamming attacks for its users as seen in the field.

Originating from electronic warfare, the infiniDome family of products are small, lightweight, affordable, easy to install or completely retrofit and are very robust to existing threats. infiniDome products fully answer GPS protection requirements of unmanned aerial vehicles, fleets and critical infrastructure - all of which depend heavily on the GPS signals. infiniDome products mitigate jamming assaults on GPS receivers without introducing a variable delay in the RF chain making them implementable across any GPS system, even ones that are at the heart of time-sensitive systems.



The Industry’s Only Non-ITAR GPS Anti-Jammer Product line 

GPSdome 1.03 • OEM Board

With the objective of protecting small drones/UAVs, and government Critical Infrastructures, infiniDome categorized its first product, GPSdome, as a dual-use product. Meaning that with very minimal control by the Israeli Ministry of Economy, infiniDome markets and sells GPSdome and GPSdome OEM Board product lines globally. GPSdome will continue to be dedicated for dual-use customers and applications targeting protection of airborne and government applications.

GPSdome is a small-sized, add-on or retrofit device that provides protection against GPS jamming, ensuring continuity of navigation and operation during jamming disruptions. No other solution that offers this robust protection is as small, light, affordable or as easily installed as GPSdome.


Proprietary Signal Filtering Technology

Protecting GPS/GNSS signals ensures continuity of navigation and timing signals which assures normal operations during a jamming attack. These assaults can have drastic effects on drones, literally crashing them into the ground and on Critical Networks causing them major disruptions and downtime. For drones, every extra gram added affects the payload and mission time. infiniDome’s 75 gram OEM Board easily integrates into the most weight and size-sensitive platforms, adding very little overhead.



The Anti-Jammer for Commercial Applications

OtoSphere V2 • OEM Board

OtoSphere is infiniDome’s innovative small, add-on module for commercial GPS (GNSS) receivers operating in fleet, maritime and commercial network applications. OtoSphere protects GPS (GNSS) receivers from jamming attacks, making any truck or vessel more resilient to cargo theft or attack. OtoSphere Network Timing Protection is the first line of defense to detect and filter these attacks before they cause significant network problems for the operator and the operator’s Service Operations Center (SOC). Having stable PNT signals during a jamming attack empowers the operator and SOC to respond in time and prevent the cargo theft. Like all infiniDome products, OtoSphere is easy to install or retrofit and is completely unregulated by export controls.

Proprietary Signal Filtering Technology

OEM Board Option™

infiniDome’s OEM Board Option is designed for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to fully integrate anti-jamming technology that delivers unmatched power and weight differentiation into their GPS systems. The OEM Board is the industry’s only non-military GPS anti-jamming protection offered as a Board-level solution.

Understanding that system size, weight and power limitations are stringent, the infiniDome’s OEM Board addresses these industry requirements offering the smallest, lightest, and most affordable solution available to the industry. This matchbook-sized, highly scalable, OEM Board integrates into the flight controller of drones, the telematics unit for fleets and autonomous vehicles, and potentially into the time server for critical infrastructure where it delivers signal protection for continuous operation of these mission-critical assets. 



GPS Security Cloud Option

infiniDome offers the world’s first GPS Security Cloud – infiniCloud. When infiniDome’s CommModule is combined with the GPSdome, OtoSphere or OEM Board products, the data is simultaneously transmitted over a digital cellular data link to infiniCloud. infiniCloud is a SaaS cloud-based solution that provides access to real-time and statistical data on GPS jamming attacks and ongoing GNSS monitoring data for its users as experienced in the field.

infiniCloud monitors the health of the GNSS signals in addition to providing instantaneous alerts allowing early detection and immediate response for attacks on critical assets whether they are mobile and moving i.e. trucks or vessels, or stationary i.e. Critical Infrastructure sites or checkpoints. When a jamming attack is detected, operators can alert authorities with actionable intelligence for response to the alert and apprehension of the criminals. Being cloud-based, infiniCloud can be readily accessed through popular web browsers and supports FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security), the 5 major pillars that define network management monitoring systems.



GPSensor provides ongoing monitoring to our GPS Security Cloud (infiniCloud) of GNSS (GPS) data, alerting of intentional and unintentional attacks on GNSS frequencies. This standalone sensor is not connected to the network, or to the antenna cable but rather resides in the timing server of critical infrastructure networks. GPSensor transmits critical monitoring information over a cellular link in real time either to our infiniCloud or to the customer's dedicated cloud.



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