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GPS Security Cloud Option

Industry’s first IOT-based GPS jamming attack monitoring and management system

infiniDome offers the world’s first GPS Security Cloud – infiniCloud. Using infiniDome's GPSensor technology, (also potentially paired with OtoSphere, GPSdome and GPS Resilient Kit products), GPS monitoring and attack data is transmitted over a cellular data link to infiniCloud. infiniCloud is a SaaS IOT-based cloud solution that provides access to real-time and statistical data on the GPS (GNSS) health and potential attacks on any of your critical assets in the field.

infiniCloud monitors the health of the GNSS signals in addition to providing instantaneous alerts allowing early detection and immediate response for attacks on critical assets whether they are mobile and moving, for example trucks or vessels, or stationary at Critical Infrastructure sites or checkpoints. When a jamming attack is detected, operators can alert authorities with actionable intelligence for response to the alert and apprehension of the criminals. Being cloud-based, infiniCloud can be readily accessed through popular web browsers and supports FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security), the 5 major pillars that define network management monitoring systems.

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