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GPSdome 2

High-end GNSS protection with disruptive C-SWaP for Small – Medium platforms

Objective: GNSS jamming protection for small – medium Class 2-3 UAV/UAS, ground UGV fleets and other critical manned and unmanned platforms. Resolution: infiniDome’s GPSdome 2 — the GPSdome 2 product is a small-sized, dual frequency, multi-directional protection solution addressing the needs for defending these larger platforms. With a groundbreaking triple-null algorithm, GPSdome 2 supports up to 4 antennas making protection possible from up to 3 different directions of jamming, and, the product is designed specifically to meet the stringent C-SWAP limitations associated with these types of airframes and vehicles.

GNSS signal is the cornerstone in all unmanned platforms whether operating in the air or on the ground. infiniDome offers the most optimal non-ITAR GNSS anti jamming solutions available ensuring continuity of navigation and operation during GPS jamming disruptions. No other anti-jamming solutions incorporating this robust high-end level of protection are as small, light, affordable or as easily installed.


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