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About The Product

GPSdome – T is a standalone, mountable antenna module which provides protection against jamming and spoofing of GPS systems.



Time, Phase and Frequency Accuracy Requirements Continue to Grow.

In Telecom synchronization, supporting LTE-A and 5G, requirements are ever more stringent and must comply with < 1uS to UTC from core to edge. In the Finance sector, standards like SEC Rule 613 and MiFID II dictate IT networks to be synced within 100uS of UTC.

In the Utilities & Critical Infrastructure challenging timing requirements have to be met without straying from stricter cybersecurity regulations than ever. In the Defense sector, whether for HLS applications or intricate CommInt, ELINT and other such applications time accuracy and stability is crucial.

GPS Dependency is Not Going Away

In order to meet the growing need for coherence, accuracy and unanimous time worldwide, all synchronization applications today depend on GPS and GNSS – be it NTP based time servers syncing financial institutes or power stations, PTP 1588v2 GrandMasters syncing telecom networks or military grade TCGs syncing radar stations.

Although such dependency on an external source was always considered as vulnerability, the massive cost reduction, and incredible accuracy GPS enables cannot and will not be replaced.

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