Trump demands protection for GPS-based transportation

 Who is Jamming Israeli Farmers' Autonomous Tractors' GPS Systems?


Into The ‘Crucible’: How The Government Responds When GPS Goes Down


Our CEO Omer Sharar will be speaking at hashtag#move2020 14:50, Feb 12th, Excel London.

Jammers used on 85% of all cargo thefts in Mexico in 2020


"A Dozen Functions Lost w/o GPS/GNSS"​ Airbus Warns


We must learn and get better in 2020 on how to protect GPS based systems from jamming and other interference

GPS inventor: We need to fix GPS's jamming problem


Chosen for the GSC2020 startup competition semi-finals!

Mysterious GPS outages are wracking the shipping industry


UN Aviation Body: GPS/GNSS Disruption an Urgent Safety Priority - Homeland Security Toda

Top Vehicle Attack Vectors:
-Remote Keyless Systems
-Tire Pressure Monitoring System
-Software and Infotainment Applications
-GPS Spoofing
-Cellular Attacks


Such a fragile foundation our world is based on. InfiniDome strengthens this Achilles Heel of our economy

11 new companies invited to mobilityXlab spring period!


Navigation War in Persian Gulf Hits the News

Disruption of GPS Systems at Ben Gurion Airport Resolved After 2 Months


IAA NMW, Frankfurt Sep 11-13, Hall 5.1, booth A10.


The GNSS chip market worldwide is projected to grow by $2.7 billion, guided by a compounded growth of 8%, to 2025


Bogus Satellite Nav Signals Send Autonomous Cars Off the Road


ain’t it a shame to get your ship and cargo hijacked when you can secure its GPS with GPSdome?


Bogus Satellite Nav Signals Send Autonomous Cars Off the Road


Free GPS World magazine webinar: GPS/GNSS Spoofing & Jamming Threats and Countermeasures


Anti-jam, anti-spoof readied for European market

Army Fields Anti-Jam GPS In Germany This Fall


Israeli Ports Confronting GPS Jamming

Aviation Safety Advisory, GNSS Disruption in Middle East - ICAO

GPS jamming threatens public safety

Interference and disruption of GPS in Israeli airspace

Israel says GPS mysteriously disrupted in its airspace but planes secure - Reuters


NASA report: Passenger aircraft nearly crashes due GPS disruption

There is a serious threat to GPS

How to Steal a Ship (using GPS spoofing)

This paper shows the exploitation of GPS vulnerability in the commercial drone of the company 3D Robotics, this vulnerability can cause a malicious user to have control of their autonomy, and carry out illicit activities, such as overflying in spaces not allowed as an airport and private areas.

When Russia can kill GPS from 1000km away, we need to strengthen our GPS systems as best we can

Study maps 'extensive Russian GPS spoofing'


The Russians are screwing with the GPS system to send bogus navigation data to thousands of ships


Can I sue because my GPS might be spoofed?


Highway gantries identify jammers


Was GPS spoofing responsible for a “weird incident” at the Geneva Motor Show?


Exposing GPS Spoofing in Russia and Syria - 9,000+ Incidents in New C4ADS Report


GPS jammers chosen weapon for cargo theft in Colombia


'GPS is a Maritime Cyber Shortfall'

Shipping Firms Fend Off GPS Interference as Cyber Regulations Approach

2018: A year of serious GPS disruption

Fresh terror fears as hackers trying to disable planes at Cairo Airport

82% of users treat GPS jamming is a critical concern.

Cyber threats to shipping grow in East Mediterranean

Securing military GPS from spoofing and jamming vulnerabilities

Experts Warn GPS Vulnerable to Time-Tampering Terrorism - Video CBS News, San Francisco

How to Defend Against GPS Spoofing Attacks - Wall Street Journal

Military GPS jamming is disrupting US aviation – and it’s getting worse


GPS jamming – major threat to drones

A $223 Raspberry Pi based GPS spoofer that can send your car off a cliff

how jammers are used to hide from fleet management applications

Drone show disrupted by GPS jamming 5 day loss of GPS in maritime translates to $1B loss

New report by GNSS risk assessment group STRIKE3

GPS WORLD: Jamming Signals Criminal Activity in Intermodal Ports

NewsCientist: Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon

GPS jammer stops multiple flights in France. illegal device caused delays to flights at Nantes airport

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