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Below are our 10 most frequently asked questions.
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I need to protect a Truck, which product do I need?

OtoSphere will protect your truck’s current telematics system and infiniCloud will monitor it and alert in real-time during attacks.

I need to monitor GNSS on critical assets, which product do I need?

By deploying our GPSensors at critical sites, infiniCloud monitors their GNSS status and alerts when they detect attacks.

I need to protect a GPS-based timing server, which product do I need?

We have several partners that integrate our solutions as part of their solutions including Orolia and Focus Telecom.

I need to protect a military vehicle/UAV/drone, which product do I need?

GPSdome is designed for dual-use applications such as protection of defense and airborne platforms. Protecting GPS L1 and passing through GPS L2 as well as Glonass G1, GPSdome passes through the maximum number of satellites while protecting the primary GPS L1 frequency.

I have a small platform and need minimal impact on weight and size, what do you recommend?

By integrating our OEM board we can provide you an end-to-end solution including the antennas in under 100g.


Evaluation Kits (EVKs) of GPSdome or OtoSphere available for USD $950. Compatible with virtually all receivers. Contact us for volume pricing. Leasing options also available.

I have a ___ receiver, is GPSdome/Otosphere compatible?

Yes. Please order your Test Report at the end of our Products page to see the systems we’ve tested for compatibility.

Can you supply antennas?

Yes, we can provide customized antennas along with our products tailored to your application. Please contact us for more information today!

Do you have any reports testifying to the performance of your products?

Yes, order your Test Report at the end of our Products page.

How do I test your product?

The best way to test our product is using infiniDome’s EVK, inside the EVK you will have 2 GPS receivers (one protected and the other unprotected, by connecting one USB to your computer you will able to compare the performance of the tow receivers side by side. Saying that you can test the unit one time when it connected to receiver and other time the receiver without infiniDome’s protection

1. Perform the test in open skies. Try to avoid any obstacles that might block all or part of the sky.

2. Make sure the infiniDome’s EVK box is on a level platform (not tilted or upside down).

3. Make sure in both instances of the U-Center that you have 3D fix in the “Data” docking window.

4. Turn the GPS jammer on at a relatively large distance (~100m) from infiniDome’s EVK box.

5. Start moving the jammer slowly (app. 5 meters per minute) until the unprotected receiver loses its lock (Fix Mode should switch to RED colored “No Fix”).

6. Make sure at this position that the protected receiver is still successfully locked.

7. Start moving even slower towards the infiniDome’s EVK Box until protected receiver also loses lock.

8. Repeat the above with different types of jammers from different angles to demonstrate the protection efficiency of the infiniDome’s GPS protection.