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Protecting Critical Infrasturcture dual

Critical Infrastructure

The Industry Challenge

Critical infrastructure is a ubiquitous phrase used to describe assets that are essential for the functioning of an economy and its society. For example, in the United States there are 18 CIKR (Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources) sectors that are considered vital by the Department of Homeland Security. Of the 18 CIKRs, GPS timing is used and considered essential in 15 of them.

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In the US government’s view, attacks on these sectors could have a devastating effect on security, the economy, national public health and safety whether the attack was focused on a single sector or any combination of these. 11 of those 18 sectors rely directly on GPS to function, amongst them are airports, electrical grids, financial institutions, transportation and more. Early detection and mitigation of an attack on these assets’ GPS systems is a necessity to maintain their continuous operation.

The Solution: GPSdome

GPSdome alerts the facility operator when the attack is detected, it also shields the received GPS signals from being overpowered by the jammer. Our unique interference filtering algorithm combines the patterns from two omni-directional antennas. In real-time, GPSdome analyzes the interference signal and feeds its properties into infiniDome’s proprietary algorithm which allows it to filter and reject the attacking RF interference.

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Cloud-based Actionable Intelligence

Answering this need for continuous monitoring of critical assets’ GPS systems and early detection of attacks, be it at police check points, border passes, or critical facilities; infiniDome offers the world’s first GPS Security Cloud – infiniCloud. GPS space-based signals are both low in power and unencrypted, making them susceptible to intentional jamming by criminals with GPS jammers available online for as low as $50. infiniCloud collects all assault data in real-time from infiniDome’s GPSensors deployed among the assets. Then aggregates it all into a single, private dashboard for users to log in to allowing them for real-time notifications as well as statistical reports. When a jamming attack is detected at one of the sites, the operators can alert authorities with actionable intelligence for responding to the alert and apprehending the criminal operating the jammer.



GPSensor provides ongoing monitoring to our GPS Security Cloud (infiniCloud) of GNSS (GPS) data, alerting of intentional and unintentional attacks on GNSS frequencies. This standalone sensor is not connected to the network, or to the antenna cable but rather resides in the timing server of critical infrastructure networks. GPSensor transmits critical monitoring information over a cellular link in real time either to our infiniCloud or to the customer's dedicated cloud.

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