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Drones/UAS Protection

The Industry Challenge

GPS jamming is no longer a military only threat – it has become the #1 threat to defense and commercial drones alike, with attacks becoming pervasive globally. This threat often affects police and military drones on critical missions. Jamming technology is evolving, decreasing in size and cost, and becoming widely available – now jammers can be bought online for as low as $50.

Drones and drone services are used for aerial delivery, monitoring and reconnaissance applications. While highly mobile and available in various airframes, drones and their services are decidedly dependent on GPS signals. Even though the drone may be equipped with back-up methods (INS/OPS), GPS references are still required for position, navigation and stabilization. GPS attacks are the easiest way to take a drone down. 


The Solution: GPSdome


infiniDome offers the industry’s only non-military GPS anti-jamming protection solution GPSdome, countering interfering signals through patented anti-jamming techniques. GPSdome was developed for civilian applications combating electromagnetic interference using null steering, a method of spatial signal processing to nullify communication jamming. GPSdome addresses the requirements of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles which depend heavily on GPS to function. GPSdome is tailor-made for weight and size sensitive platforms – military technology in the palm of your hand. 

Not only does GPSdome shields the received GPS signals from being overpowered by the jammer, it also alerts the operator when the attack is detected. Our unique interference filtering algorithm combines the patterns from two omni-directional antennas. In real-time, GPSdome analyzes the interference signal and feeds its properties into infiniDome’s proprietary algorithm which allows it to filter and reject the attacking RF interference.


Autonomous Vehicle Protection

Current approaches to self-driving automation leverage a variety of cameras, lasers, GPS, radar and other sensors to give the vehicle the environmental and situational awareness it needs to function. Any one of these sensors can be blinded or jammed, thereby hindering the vehicle’s ability to retain full awareness of environmental conditions or potential obstructions. Automobile manufacturers need to address and protect against vehicle data loss and unlawful vehicle application control,


Fleet & Maritime Protection

GPS jammers are the preferred tool of cargo thieves.  Jamming equipment is inexpensive and easily procured. It is a simple matter for a jammer to kill a vehicle’s GPS, make the vehicle disappear from the dispatcher’s map and silence communication from the driver. Jammers facilitate hijackings in alarming rates in Latin America, Eastern Europe and South Africa.

Maritime operations rely completely on GNSS signals and are therefore especially vulnerable to their disruption. Hostile and even unintentional interference with these signals jeopardize the efficiency and safety of maritime operations and can endanger seafarer lives.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

The national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable and efficient functioning of critical infrastructure. Since the United States made the GPS constellation available worldwide, its positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services have become the gold standard for technology and infrastructure. Because of the widespread adoption of PNT services, the disruption or manipulation of these services has the potential to adversely affect the national and economic security of not only the United States but of countries and economies worldwide.

Critical Infrasturcture.jpg

Defense & Homeland Security

GPS — originally developed to guide nuclear submarines — is now vital to most military missions, and the system’s vulnerabilities are a source of great concern. The most serious intentional threat to GPS is jamming. Jamming can be intentional or unintentional. In the defense sphere, intentional jamming is a regular occurrence. It is expected as a routine aspect of electronic warfare operations to disrupt and deceive, typically just before a battle begins. Unintentional jamming  interference by ultra-wideband services is a growing problem.

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Presenting our seamless integration of our GPSDome Anti-jamming protection module on a Terrascan drone at the AUS&R show


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