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About InfiniDome


InfiniDome develops and manufactures a Cyber device against GPS blocking and jamming designed to protect GPS-based systems for location and time synchronization from short-range disruptors.

The product's competitive advantage is its affordable price thanks to innovative miniaturization of technology already developed for military applications.


InfiniDome provides solutions for the impact of GPS jammers, which can now be easily purchased on-line at a price as low as $30. InfiniDome can be easily installed in any GPS-based system to protect from various disruptions, similar to anti-virus.

Currently, there are no other affordable solutions against GPS jammers. Relevant technology has been applied to military applications only, and similar solutions are priced above $30,000.


The company was established as a Cyber start-up supported by the technology incubator operated by Focus Telecom Ltd. located in Caesarea Industrial Park, Israel.


Focus Telecom Ltd. provides InfiniDome with administrative services and assistance in marketing efforts to Focus Telecom clients in Israel.

Focus Telecom is a data communications company founded in 1995 and consists of three subsidiaries, which provide a wide range of products and services for the civilian and military communications market in Israel. Please refer to Focus Telecom's Website for more information.

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