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Autonomous Vehicle Protection

The Industry Challenge

Autonomous vehicles incorporate a wide array of interconnected electronic systems and sensors – each of which has the potential to be manipulated or otherwise compromised. Among the leading concerns for autonomous vehicles is the threat of Radio Frequency sensor jamming which can either affect the vehicle itself (and its safety systems) or the vehicle’s owner/operator. In more serious cases, security issues from jamming can affect the safety of passengers and pedestrians.


High powered radio frequency jamming attacks pose significant risks to the autonomous vehicle industry. The benefits of these vehicles are significant, but as with every other major advance in technology, new issues and concerns must be overcome. GPS jamming assaults have shown the damaging and potentially dangerous situations that  $50 jammers purchased online can create. With more intelligent driving systems, manufacturers must take every precaution to defend against malicious interference threats that could lead to serious consequences and undermine the trust the public.

The Solution: OtoSphere™

OtoSphere is an innovative small, add-on module to any GPS-based autonomous vehicle that interfaces with and protects the telematics unit from GPS jamming, making it resilient to interference. OtoSphere ensures normal operation of autonomous vehicles delivering continuity of services, operations and navigation during a jamming attack.

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Cloud-based Actionable Intelligence

Adding the CommModule to any OtoSphere unit allows aggregation of the attack data to infiniDome’s data store, infiniCloud. infiniCloud collects all assault data in real-time from the OtoSphere sensor deployed within the autonomous vehicle. Then aggregates it all into a single, private dashboard for users to log into, providing real-time notifications as well as statistical reports.


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